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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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Dynoed the car Saturday- Interesting...... video inside

I had some time to waste this last saturday so I put the car on the dyno to see what we could see This was run using a 'dynojet' configuration.

Modifications at time of dyno:

BMC Air filter
Active Autowerke version 1.0 software
UUC Corsa exhaust.

The car ran fine and I got some quick video.


I do have one question. The car seemed to make decent power however the peak power came a little earlier than i was expecting. While we buried the tach at 8400 rpm (as seen in video,) the car stopped making power at 8000 rpm. Now, is this a configuration problem between the dyno and the cars tachometer or could it be my AA software v.1.0- Ive just heard a lot of 'things' that version 1.0 software is doing or not doing...

I apologize that I dont have my run files with me but I will be uploading them to this thread asap.

Most cars with these simple mods make peak power at 8200 rpm and could even go higher but my car seemed like it was ready to go home at 8000rpm.

What do you think?
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