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Nonsmoker conversion

I've moved the following from the General forum, and updated the parts required to eliminate the ashtrays and install storage cubbies in their places.

Originally Posted by ilron View Post
I ordered it without the smokers package and have no regrets there.
For those who need 12v the plug has been moved under the armrest.
The front tray is perfect for a pair of sunglasses.

I'd have no doubts about removing the smoker option, unless you really need that 12v up front and like to clutter up your car with ugly wires.
Here is the part needed to convert the front:

8 Spectacles tray (comes w/ part 9) - 51 16 7 132 376

12V outlet for center console (or reuse one from front ashtray):

11 Plug-in socket with plug - 61 34 6 947 184
16 Stopper plug-in socket - 51 16 7 135 141

And the rear (just pop out the ashtray insert and put in the bottom mat, no need to replace whole part 5. However, if 3 is not available, you can get 5 and use the bottom mat from it) :

3 Floor mat velours - 51 16 6 960 687


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