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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
Wow! Quite a few opinions on the new tranny and none of us have driven it. I am not wild about the option of jerking between gears, by keeping full throttle during shifting (unless you like to drag race).

I assume S6 is going to have the most rapid shift times, which you would conclude would be the mode to use when at the track. However, if a gear change is going to get scratch from the rear tire then I guess I don't want to be changing gears in any corners. Nothing better to upset the balance of a car mid corner than a jerky shift (well oil in the corner works pretty good too). I need to drive and then I'll decide.
Analysis based on science/engineering as well as a close following of what other similar units do allows a great deal of (typically accurate) speculation. Driving is only one part of the experience. Understanding is another.

DCT "jerk" (where again jerk specifically means the time derivative of acceleration or the rate of change of acceleration) will almost surely depend on transmission mode and level of aggressiveness (primarily rpm/throttle position). Either way the jerk of DCT will be quite a bit less than the jerk of SMG or MT. There may be further enhancements to DCT to limit drivetrain shock during shifting while cornering, but that is pure speculation.