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Originally Posted by footie View Post

If BMW offers equally as quick acceleration from the lesser modes than no harm done, but if not then it will be a major F--k up in my opinion.
You clearly have no understanding of phyisics. It would be great if I could stop from 100mph in without a jerk also, but thats equally problematic.

Where do you think the energy of fast spinning engine goes? Options are

1: Quickly to the rear tires producing a jolt of extra acceleration
2: Gradually to the rear tires while reducing engine output to allow the engine to slow without extra acceleration.

#1 = S6
#2 = S1

And you have 4 other choices between them to suite the drivers taste. This is why people buy BMW and not the "one size fits all" audi solution. There will be a performance difference. Its unavoidable.
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