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Originally Posted by warranty View Post
My E90 6MT M3 is my daily driver and it's the same car I use to drop off and sometimes pick up my two little boys everyday.

Just driving to preschool is indeed an event for my boys because they know they get treated to race car induction sounds and fierce acceleration they don't get in mommy's SUV. They both literally laugh out loud when I accelerate hard in 2nd (when it's safe, of course), and that makes it all the more fun.

Yeah there are other cars that are better at certain things than my M3, but I literally cannot think of any other car that combines the performance, utility, and fun-to-drive-ness of my M3. And how else do I show my boys what a "real car" is if it didn't have a clutch pedal and a proper manual? [Yes!!!]

As you can tell, I love my M3. An M3 is just one of those cars every enthusiast dreams of owning at one point or another in his/her life time.

P.S. I actually read the entire Edmunds "history" of their long term 2009 M3 sedan so I remember all those comments that Rolf posted. Thanks for sharing!
I did the exact same thing before I bought mine.
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