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No I'm a moderator because I can have calm discussions without resorting to ad hominem attacks.

I met some nice folks from New England when they were here in Indy for the Super Bowl. We didn't agree on everything (especially regarding the Brady/Manning debate ) but nobody berated one another or anything like that . . .

A couple of things:

1) How is my avatar racist?

- I pretty much ignored everything you said after that because after that comment it became evident that you A) Didn't know anything about the history of this flag; B) Were too lazy to do any research.

- Here you go:

2) I didn't calculate those numbers. I read those numbers elsewhere.

3) Is my opinion evil because it is not aligned with yours?

Thanks and have a good day. If you're a young man, try to relax so you'll live a bit longer. This is just an internet message board lol.

Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Now I know why this forum is so horrible; someone like you is a moderator, with your racist avatar, and your slanted questions & answers. By the way, if you want to be a real fascist, you can ban me.

You may also want to take a lesson in math and finance. In terms of percent of GDP, the debt increase under Obama is about 33%, under Bush 2 it was almost doubled, and under Reagan it almost tripled.

So how's your theory now? And that doesn't consider that most of the debt under the Obama term is not even his doing.

And Bush Cheney did squat to get bin Laden, while Obama Got 'er Done. Why don't you just moderate, and not offer your completely slanted and out of touch opinion?
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