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Originally Posted by redpriest View Post
I used to use Lockton but they started putting lots of additional exclusions (HPDE-4 NASA not covered, certain tracks not covered).

Switched to RLI. They offer coverage for time trials, which is great. Also, you don't have to find the specific track day organizer - you can specify meaning you can use this policy for private track days.

I cover my e92 for 35,000 and that costs about $200 for non time trial, $240 for. My M4 costs about $600 for non time trial, 1-3 days for $88,000.

Interesting, thanks for sharing the info on RLI.

You're saying that $35,000 of coverage with RLI sets you back about $200 per track day, and $88,000 is around $600? Do they offer any sort of multi-day or season discounts?
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