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Originally Posted by Kojiro
You might want to check with them. I emailed them last month about this because a co-worker believes he is covered. I told them I was interested in switching to Amica for this reason but wanted to confirm with them. I explained what an HPDE was and made it clear that there is no competition or even timing. They called back and said that they "absolutely do not cover this type of event".
Did you make clear that there were instructors and classes as opposed to simply an open track day, the latter of which is non-timed and non-competitive but could absolutely be construed as practice for a racing event (which isn't covered)? If so and they still said no, ask them to get a written opinion from an underwriter. This wouldn't be the first time that an agent has given an incorrect answer, particularly about HPDEs. If even the underwriter says that it's not covered, I would ask them to explain to me in what way that opinion is backed by the verbiage of the policy that racetrack driving is only excluded if you're "practicing for or participating in any racing or speed contest". Also, are you in Texas? The same carrier can have different policy wordings and exclusions in different states. You could always ask Amica to send you a copy of their full policy that would cover you if you're a prospective customer.

But frankly this is one of those things that I don't want to have a record on my file with them indicating that I called to ask and was told no, because that would make any claim that much more difficult. The policy's wording is on my side, so even if it would be a hassle to get the claim paid, I don't expect that end result to change.
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