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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
Im gonna disagree with you here, how could you think that AWD/4WD would give you better braking ? wheres the logic in that? AWD will help you get started and start moving, and it will help you not get stuck in big/deep snow. But why in the world would it help you stop?

Your right, there is a demand for these systems, because they provide traction where a FWD or RWD can't. But it DOES NOT help with braking or stopping distances AT ALL.
Yes, thats my bad...come to think of it your right.

The 4WD/AWD would give better traction and handling but NOT Braking!.

I guess the braking system used in 4WD/AWD could be a little different to the RWD braking systems, but it could be argued