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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
That's a very helpful review. I plan to run a square 18" setup as well.

What pad options do you have with the AP Racing brakes? Also, how much are the replacement disks?
This is not an exhaustive list of alternate pads - I'm sure that Brake Pro's can provide a longer list if you contact them. For my purposes, I only looked long enough to make sure that I had choices that would work for me before I bought the kits. I wanted to be sure that if I didn't like the Mintex pads, I could switch to something else. It turns out I really like the Mintex pads.

Other than the Mintex pads they come with:

Front pads for the CP5555 caliper: Hawk - HB109; Ferodo - FRP3054; Pagid - 1903; Performance Friction - 7790; Porterfield - AP7790;

Rear pads for the CP5306 caliper: Ferodo - FRP3083; Pagid -20345;

I don't know how much the replacement rotors would cost - you should contact Brake Pro's directly for that information.