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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
How's the balance with the brakes on the front only? This is the setup I had on my old S4 with stop techs up front, but that was different b/c the standard rears on that car were crap.
It's too bad I don't have a photo of the rears - they're on the car!

I did drive the front-only setup for a few weeks while the rears were on backorder and I ran two track days in June that way. It drove fine as far as balance was concerned (I had Pagid RS19 pads on the rear) even on the track in the wet. However, the rear rotors were about 50 degrees Celsius hotter than the fronts and the fluid in the rear calipers continued to take a beating. It might have been ok on a long-run basis if I'd had put some effort into finding a pad combo to balance the heat load front and rear, but since I had the rear BBK on order, I didn't bother. They were fine on the street.

Once I installed the AP Racing rear kit the rear rotors run 50 degrees cooler than the fronts. I've spent two days trail-braking into hairpins and sweepers and the balance is perfect.