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+1 on it looking ugly, I dislike mine. The one I got is clearly just a sticker, no clearcoat/overlay. It pissed me off something fierce that I was charged so much (I think $60?) for what is basically a piece of cheap injected-molded plastic and a sticker. A visit to Tap Plastics and a little model paint and I could have made the same thing myself for $20 and had it look way better.

I've considered trying to put a acrylic or some other coating over the top of the sticker, but I don't want to take it off the car (which would be necessary) and stick it back on all over again (especially since if I eff it up I'm out another $60 or whatever).

I understand about the BMW tax, but come on. If these things cost more than $10 each in parts/labor to manufacture I'd be surprised.