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rick berry
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Thoughts about my new M3

Picked up my new M3 last night in Dallas. First impression: Jerez Black is a mighty impressive color. Both in the sun and under the lights at night it is special indeed. With the 19's the car looks almost sinister, evil. The dealer couldn't of been better. Joe Eckert at Dallas BMW is first rate. Now to driving the car: First impression is one of suprise at how smooth the DCT is in any setting. You get more feedback in the higher shift modes, but the shifts are very quick no matter what. D mode was very impressive. D2 holds the gears and reacts much differently than D5. D2 or 3 will be a good setting for casual driving till 1200 miles comes up.
My dealer salesman was VERY thorough about limiting the rpms to 5500 till 12000 miles. Apparantly there has already been a warranty claim on a blown engine before 1200 miles that BMW DENIED! Some kid who daddy had bought him an M3 blew it up at @ 800 miles. Expensive. Left Dallas last night driving the 150 miles home. Man this thing has torque down low. Impressive. Not the all or nothing feeling that an M6 has. The motor felt tight for the first 100 miles or so then seemed to run much freer. It now has 200 miles on it an is idling and seeming to be smoother. Today I'll get to start playing with the settings and driving the car. I drive is much improved over my wifes 745. Do think that the DCt is the future and I know I made the right decision.