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400 hp :)
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Thanks for the links. I soo loved this episode of Top Gear. Awesome lineup and very funnnny.

I disagreed with somethings though ! The camber issue? Did you see how many burnouts they were doing in the MB? Of course the tires are going to be worn out. Secondly, the apple test. Clarkson was taking that turn way faster than the Stig taking the turn in the M3. I would have liked to see Clarkson drive the M3 and attempt hitting the apple. Of course, they have to do such things for entertainment otherwise it would be no fun to watch.

Don't get me wrong though...I'm still very much pro-M3...i think the C63 only looks good from the front and rear. The side is too short and it needs rear fender flares to match the massive ones in the front. The engine is beastly though. Can't touch that, especially on the "street."

@Los was the Audi 2nd and Merc last? lol. The Audi was slowest in a drag was slowest around the track?