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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
Just curious - how is "provide medical insurance to all their citizens" different than "government run health insurance?"
Pretty much the same thing, although I suppose you could pick at the semantics.

Let's talk about the differences between America (even today, when employer based insurance using private insurance companies is still the norm) and pretty much any Western democracy, which have real substance.

The just had a TV story on how a young woman had a heart attack and, incapacitated, was transported to a hospital that was "out of her network". The original bill to her was $300,000. After the story went public, and extensive negotiations with both the insurance company and the hospital, it was reduced to a mere $40,000. Had she been able to direct the 911 crew to her "in network hospital", which was 3 blocks away from the first, her cost would have been $1400 in deductibles.

On air, she wanted the private insurance company and the hospital to "work it out", since she still owes $40,000. As if either organization had any requirement or motivation to do so. As I said, she's young.

Only in America, as the saying goes. In most Western democracies, whichever hospital they took her to, her cost would have been approximately zero (don't know the details of every countries system, but some countries have no deductible).

One commercial advantage the rest of the world has over us is there better health care insurance. It makes people over there, whose skills we could use, reluctant to come here. Not to mention keeping their citizens healthier, by most everything than can be measured. There's real value in that.

Mincing words here is not necessary. It's hardly a matter of details. The real differences are stark. One likely reason that the hospital was "out of her network" was that, most likely, her employer offered her only one choice, the best for them. Linking insurance to employment is stupid in so many ways. Which is why no country that decoupled them, has ever gone back. People would revolt.

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