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Originally Posted by san~man View Post
Almost all the TUF finale fights were good.

HD, what else do you have to say. Like he said, he's either going down or you are, there's no in between!

Big Country: "I learned this thing called combos!" haha, gotta love the guy

Viana, he may be a contender in the future. Quick hands.

Khabliov, this dude's scary. First KO I've seen by suplex (he was pretty much out after the last one, the punches merely sealed the deal).

I wonder who they will put BCountry with now. He's one of those guys that keeps on trucking and has mad KO power.

Viana looked so smooth with his punches. In out quickness was incredible. Can't wait to see hm again.

Khabliov the Russian suplex machine. God those were beautiful. Last time we saw that stuff was from jbj I think. The russian had more lethal suplexes tho. Only other suplex that tops it would be reindlemen dropping fedor on his head back in pride!