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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
I can't understand how some of you are unimpressed with this

Do you realize how fast 7:38 is....especially compared to the cars that run that time???

Sorry, I can't get it to embed. Video here:

Thanks for posting, hadnt seen that...its certainly an impressive car, and even more so when you do consider the fact that a 458 italia (and other much higher powered cars that are 2-3 times more expensive) is slower on this track even though it has nearly 50% more power.
As someone who has owned both 911s and a Cayman S, the 991 IMO much more closely drives like a Cayman S now...I dont know a single person whos even been dissapointed in the handling and planted feeling of a cayman s...only that in the 991's case you have a very fast car rather than just a quick car. I can understand how some people dont like that its now easier to drive, but all in all, what it brings to the table is astonishing given the 'paper stats' (read significant overachiever).