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Originally Posted by attila View Post
I have never had a 911 turbo, though I did test drive the new 991 C2S. I think I can DD that car. I do not use the trunk too much but living in Omaha I would welcome AWD. I thought the turbo will be a nice choice. Of course I dont know how well it will ride, but cant imagine it worse than the GT3RS. I do not DD the RS mainly because it draws too much unwanted attention. And thats the thing, having a nice car in the garage that you use only rarely is just not fun. The RS is my track car, but this year I made it out to our local track (MAM) only 5 times for half a day. So I would like to have something nice for DD.
Very true. The turbo did ride a bit better than my GT3 and it also goes pretty much unnoticed in black. Its still a Porsche, so driving through certain parts of town would often attract unwanted attention out here in Southern California. If you can get by with not needing a trunk then go for it. I wish I could daily drive a turbo cab here in the winter because the weather is 75 and sunny. Pain in the ass fitting golf clubs in the porsche.
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