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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
I would not recommend getting Sport Edition wheels (cheap, ugly, not durable). The best bank for the buck is buying a set of OEM 18's from the for-sale section. They are BBS (high quality) and look good. Why spend 6 months of the year on cheap, ugly wheels? I would also consider apex or VMR's (based on reputation - I do not have experience with either). My next winter wheels (if/when we move back to the midwest ) will probably be 18 x 9.5 apex's with 255/40/18 snows (on all 4 wheels).
All opinions are subjective. The whole set w/premium WS70 Blizzaks will run $1,164, compared to buying the OEM rims, ballpark $1500? Then you are down to only 2 tire choices in the recommended 255/40/18; Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 ($1,200) or Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D ($1,064). I'm the last guy that will say don't cheap out on parts but a deal is still a deal, and there isn't a single post I have ever seen on here that says the wheels have cracked, bent or straight up snapped in half. Also, 235/40/18 on A7 is a much better option in winter than the 255/40/18, the wider your tire is the more surface area it has to cover to get through the snow/ice in the first place which can be a major problem. Like I said every opinion is subjective and after moving to Calgary in 2009 from the UK, I'd say no state or province has it worse than us, not by a long shot.

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