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Derek@MAC Auto Couture


Martino Auto Concepts is saddened to announce the City's decision to cancel Glen Cove Cruise Night for the remainder of the 2012 season. After two years, countless weeks, thousands of cars and tens of thousands of enthusiasts we find it extremely disappointing that the actions of a few have spoiled for the many what was arguably the best car meet on Long Island. "To everything there is a season" and unfortunately, that season has now turned for Glen Cove Cruise Night.

Through our Thursday night experiences we were able to meet many new friends and attract some of the nicest cars found anywhere, but most importantly supported the brave men and women of the GCFD and brought thousands of people to Glen Cove. We would like to thank all the good people that came out and made it possible week and after week, the City of Glen Cove, and it's amazing Fire Department.