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Originally Posted by talontid View Post
totally wrong... highway yes an m3 will begin to pull upstairs but an evo is AWD and will put car lengths on a m3 from a dig. My evo 9 w/ minimal bolt ons went 12.2 @ 114 and 1.6 60 ft. If it makes decent horsepower it's gonna pull out of the hole and hold the gap to the 1/4 mile. Remember we measure fast cars in 1/4 mile times no top speed or mile races. The evo makes lots of torque to which the m3 does not (at least at low rpm)
Wait so are you agreeing with me, "M3 will pull upstairs", you are not walking away from an M3 trapping 114. The evo certainly has more modding power, but at a certain point it becomes apples and oranges, considering the M3 is NA, RWD and bone stock and puts down 350whp.

I came from the JDM world, all I remember was EVO guys complaining that gearing and power. No doubt it's a king of the modified world, up there with the likes of the supra.