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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
So, your intolerance of opinions other than yours is OK. Got it.

I won't get into the discussion of facts, because that's one thing. Blatantly making something up and stating it as fact is wrong, as you've pointed out already (not going to beat a dead horse). However you specifically said you have a problem with the lack of tolerance for diverse opinions and how the country allows us to express them. Are you saying that people should not be allowed to express their opinions just because they don't fall in line with yours?

I think differing opinions makes us a better society in the long run, although some people take it too far. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed to express them though...
See how everything I say gets turned around? If I said "beating children is bad", you'd say "did you say we should beat children badly?"

Our country (the USA) is built around the right to have and express one's own opinion. You with me so far?

This forum, however, does not respect that right. Unlike the American populace at-large, which is comprised of people of all viewpoints, this forum has a demographic which flames anyone who supports our president, or sides with the democrats.

For the past year, the Republican candidates have made a very interesting campaign, yet every post here is about Obama. Look at all the threads and tell me honestly that there's no bias here!