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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
From the horses mouth.

Under Hawaiian law, a family wishing to register the birth of a baby born outside Hawaii can list a family residence in Hawaii as the birth address, even if the mother was residing outside Hawaii at the time the baby was born.
#1 - That's not what this says. It says that a person who had been a resident for at least a year prior to the birth can request a certificate, if they are not currently living in Hawaii.
#2 - Looks like this was drafted in 1982, so I don't see how it's relevant to a 1961 birth. This rule would not have been written in 1961, because Hawaii had only attained statehood a year earlier.
#3 - Of course you know that this is a moot point, because the state certified his birth records, so this misunderstood scenario you have in your head would have been revealed.
#4 - Obama's parents met at the University of Hawaii. What evidence is there that Obama's mother was anywhere other than Hawaii when he was born?
#5 - I'd be interested to know how you "happened" to have come across this website. No doubt some right-wing birther teabagger's forum.
#6 - You still never answered the questions posed to you over and over: Given that his certificate was certified as valid by both parties in the Hawaiian govt, and that 2 archival newspapers announced his birth in 1961, how can a reasonable person continue to question this?
#7 - Let's suspend reality, and assume this whole birth certificate is a fraud. What is this covering up? What evidence is there that Obama was born outside of Hawaii? What evidence is there that Obama was ever in Kenya as a child? Where is this entire line of inquiry going?

It is clear that some people despise Obama so much, they still don't want to give up hope that he can be removed from office, and their nightmares will be over. So what is so threatening about him? Is he trying to ban guns? Nope, he's pro-NRA. Is he trying to pass federal gay marriage laws? Nope, he's leaving that alone. Is he raising people's taxes? Nope, most Americans have had their taxes lowered, and the marginal amount of those earning over $250K (net) will be taxed as it was pre-Bush - still much lower than during Reagan. Is he declaring war on religion? Nope. Is he taking away any of our rights? Nope. Is he even as liberal as Bill Clinton was? Nope. Is he as liberal as John Kerry, who was close to becoming Pres? Nope.

So ask yourself, why is Obama being singled out over all these other liberals? Why do people despise him?