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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Again, I am not following:

1) We agree that the price difference is about $8k

2) ED savings:

335i Sedan $38,900.00 $36,175.00 $2,725.00
335i Coupe $40,800.00 $37,945.00 $2,855.00

That is $3k in savings.

3) You have to purchase the round trip ticket + hotel stay plus... = that will be close to $2k at least.

So, how do you come up with $3k difference???

$8k - $3k (ED savings) = $5k diff
$5k + $2k (ED spendings) = $7k diff

Definitely not worth it IMO...
You're not comparing apples to apples.
Why are you not adding options?
I'm working on a deadline, but I'll also post prices later. My figures are ballpark, but I'm close.

I know for a fact that a 335i coupe with auto, premium pkg, sports pkg, cold weather pkg, navigation, rear sunshade, ipod/usb option, paddles go for a bit over 49k (I have the sticker). I also know the ed price of the same car is about 44k (plus minus 1k). That's 5k right there.

If you're watching your dollars, you can stay a week in Germany for $1500..

What are we arguing about here?
49k (for the car I had in mind) vs the 40.5k for the lexus is about $8k, am I not correct? I noticed I threw in an auto which inflates the price of the 335i, but you get the ideal that the difference in price between the 335i and the lexus is about $8k (minus the tranny so lets say about $6.5k). You can still buy a turbo kit yeah? That's my point. I'm not telling you that you will save $8k between ed and MSRP (I saved $6k when I did my ED). I'm telling ya you're saving that difference between the lexus vs the 335i (we on the same page now?).