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Originally Posted by Ilia@IND View Post
I'd suggest going for a full wrap. Half-wrapped hoods and fenders will typically fade differently over time, so that the unprotected portions have a dramatically different appearance once you remove the clear bra. This defeats the purpose of installing clear bra, in my opinion.
The paint will not fade at a different rate. The film is optically clear. The only difference you will notice is the film area will be as perfect as the day you applied film to it i.e. no swirl marks, scratches...

I pulled film off of a red 2003 Thunderbird that had a partial hood on it. The car sat in the sun daily and was maintained with Zaino. The area under the film was perfect and the exact same color as the rest of the car. That film had been on there for 6 years.... so I dont think there is an issue there. Plus red is notorious for fading... and after sitting in the sun for 6 years it would have been noticable.

Film has been around nearly 20 years now. If what you stated were true people would not buy it because it would not serve a purpose... if you had t orepaint anyway.