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1. I bought Ally warranty which covers the car bumper to bumper, including all electric, rod bearings etc. (basically everything in my M3 is covered). It was 5/60K miles

2. I either buy a brand new car or never buy a car more than 20K miles, anything over 20k miles i don't even look at them. I also don't buy car that have been a rental, commercial use or have any "damage" on their carfax. I also only buy car from big dealership (BMW, Toyota, Honda, Chevy) never buy a car from mom and pops.
Specifically on my M3, so far it's been amazing. No complaints, I bought mine when the car was only 13K miles so basically I got a new car without a new car MSRP.
My car is currently at 26K miles, have MSSP4, still bone stocked and I have use my warranty to fix the Bushing Rods, it crack little beacause of the age of the car and the warranty covered it, including the balancing and alignment. (I use Performance Technic, which is a super reliable shop).

3.Google it or look it up at other tread. There's a break down somewhere.

4. It should be unless you do crazy things to the car or drive it like an idiot, the car alone is very fast and fun to drive but if you don't know how to take care of the car, then it won't last. Also, make sure to warm up your car properly, do the maintenance before it becomes a bigger problems.

5. As i stated above i don't buy car that have more than 20K miles let alone 60K. You get what you pay for so I rather save up the money and wait for the right car or if I can't afford to pay for an M3 or any other expensive car out there, then why purchase one. Get a honda or toyota for now and save up for the right car. I waited more than 5 years to get the right M3 that fit to what i want with my dream car. Patience is key.

6. For me here's the specs that i was looking for and found it.
2013 (the last production so most likely will have the lease amount of miles)
LCI (so have the latest update on anything related to the car)
DCT (i can do both manual and auto depend what i feel like driving that day)
CF roof (there's no point of buying a performance car with moonroof, the car meant to not have a moonroof)
Cloth seats (less electronic, less problems down the road and it cut weight because of less electrical stuff)
Most important of all "STOCKED" car no mods and "mint" interior.

Hope my comments can help you decide, at the end of the day i can only advice you.
3 things that my M3 must have before i made the purchase: low milage, CF roof, Stocked. I got all 3 and some more.
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