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Originally Posted by Roaders View Post
Hi All

What I want to be able to do (preferably in the car and on the site) is set a departure and destination point and then drag the route to force it to go down specific roads - like you can with Google maps. Instead all you can do is add places by place name. If I add a place name I am likely to go right into the center of town when that's not what I want to do.
Is any of what I am describing possible?
Maybe this is not what you are asking about, but on the map that shows up to the right of the destination entry boxes on the connectedrive website, you can mark the destinations manually (or enter them by address on the left) and then drag the route the same way you can on the regular googlemaps page to select different routing between the points. If you zoom in to the street level you can pinpoint the exact point you want to mark for the waypoint (I highly recommend zooming in, as doing it from the macro perspective may send you to some odd places).

As far as marking something as a waypoint vs. destination, I don't know if that is possible. I can only make this work by downloading to a USB stick and importing it to the car.

Hope this helps.
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