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2009 IDrive waypoint navigation

Hi All

I'm absolutely loving the 2009 IDrive - it really is fantastic. I was also really interested in the Connected Drive functionality - I liked the idea of being able to set up a route for a cruise on the website and send it directly to the car but IMHO the connected drive route editor is RUBBISH!

What I want to be able to do (preferably in the car and on the site) is set a departure and destination point and then drag the route to force it to go down specific roads - like you can with Google maps. Instead all you can do is add places by place name. If I add a place name I am likely to go right into the center of town when that's not what I want to do.

Another complaint is that you can only set up multiple destinations and it'll guide you to each one one by one, I want to go to one destination with way points along the way. I want the time / distance remaining to be for the last destination. You can do this on Tom Tom by saying mark way point as destination (or by un-marking it).

This is obviously technically possible as one of the BMW routes that I downloaded in the car definitely had way points, not just a series of destinations.

Is any of what I am describing possible?

I had thought that when I got this car I could get rid of Tom Tom but when I am organizing a meet and want to drive down specific nice roads I'm still going to have to use it.

Appreciate 0