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Originally Posted by m6pwr View Post
Well, maybe there are some "operational" issues. Radiation Joe's advice is good. Also, avoid any "lugging" of the engine. Roll on the power. You're not going to lug it when blasting off from standstill, rowing from 1st up thru the gears to close to redline. It's more likely when you accelerate out of the corners, or suddenly decide you want to pass, and you're in a higher gear. Be sure the revs are up (maybe at 3k or above) before you pin it. The SC is delivering much more power and the rods are delivering much more force, trying to sit down on the crank and you've only got a less than paper thin film of oil separating the soft lead bearing from the hard metal crank journal. Won't take much to squeeze that oil film out. It's like the unstoppable force meeting the unmovable mass. Unless you give the motor some mechanical advantage through the gears, something has got to give. If you ride a ten speed or mountain bike, you know what I mean.

You might also consider going to an ester base oil like Redline or Motul 300V. Ordinarily the 10w60 TWS is more than adequate for a stock M3 engine, even at extended drain intervals. But the SC may add much more heat and probably more fuel dilution (blow-by past the rings) - - thinning factors that can negatively affect that all-important oil film. Ester base stocks are very resistant to high heat and fuel dilution. Radiation Joe knows about Redline. I'm more familiar with Motul 300V oils (their 10w40 would probably be right for your M3) and they advertise 100% ester base stock with zero shearback (thinning). These "racing"oils do have their downside: more expensive; hard to get; probably shorten the life of your cat converters; and short drain intervals. Don't know about Redline, but you will have to go to shortened drain intervals with the Motul 300V since it is a racing oil formulated with less detergent/dispersants. But they say it can be run on the street. Motul says to consult with your tuner for advice on appropriate drain interval (good luck!). Terry Dyson touts a relatively new ester oil made by Renewable Lubricants Inc. The renewable part comes from the fact the esters are vegetable esters - - very high performance. Castor oil (the original ingredient in Castrol R racing oil) is a vegetable ester.

Hope this doesn't sound too preachy. You may know all this already.
No, not at all. Any advice/suggestions are welcome! Thanks!