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Originally Posted by Sandye90m3 View Post
I'm also interested in this topic. In addition to OP's question, I'm just wondering how the car will last in the long run. I'm planning on getting H&R springs, can you feel a difference in the way the car rides? Is it firmer?

I don't have EDC
I would pass on most of the lowering springs. I went that route first and it was a mistake for my tastes/likes. I did the same shit with my old Z4MC.

Unfortunately nobody tells you that with any of the lowering springs the front will almost always have a .5-1 inch gap and the rear will sit on the tire, thus making it look not as great as an even drop. So I pulled the H&R springs after about 2 weeks on the car and sold them. Went full coilovers.

Horsepower Freaks did the install and I had to go back 2 times to get it exactly how I wanted it. Like my old 02 NSX, even, and 2 inch drop all around.