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7. Remove 5x TORX screws holding each headlight (10 screws total). There are 2 next to the kidney grills, 2 on top of the headlight and 1 behind the headlight (hence the removal of the wheel liner). The TORX screws are screwed in to removable metal brackets (you can see the small brackets on the last picture with the headlight removed and pulled forward about 4 inches). You may break one or two brackets as you unscrew the TORX screw. They aren't expensive, so you may want a couple extra on hand before you start this procedure.

There is also a bolt underneath each headlight (3rd picture), holding it to a bracket... Not sure why that's there, but if you don't remove that bolt, the headlight isn't coming out. The driver's side is a little more difficult to remove and reinstall because the horn is in the way... See pictures. The passenger side is much easier. Ensure you take a good look (take a picture) at that driver's side bolt to make sure it goes back in the correct place... Also, take a picture of the whole front once the bumper is removed in order to replace the headlight washer fluid hoses in the correct areas once you re-assemble.
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