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Some interesting thoughts from Car and Driver when the DCT was released:

But Is It (DCT) Quicker?

After scouring the test results for some useful conclusion, the answer is “not really.” The M DCT car hit 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, cleared the quarter-mile in 12.7 at 113 mph, and achieved 150 mph in 26 seconds flat. Compare that to the six-speed manual’s numbers of 4.3, 12.8 at 113, and 24.3, respectively. If you zoom in even closer and look at each 10-mph increment, the two cars trade off which is quicker until 120 mph, when the manual starts pulling away.
Not every M3 is created equal. Some are born faster than others. They also have different mileages and wear to components like fuel injectors and tires. And one test is not a big enough sample size to draw a solid conclusion from.

A tenth of a second wouldn't really affect my decision either way. I mean, if the manual was proven to be faster I would still get the automatic.

+1 to keeping both hands on the steering wheel when I'm going fast through a turn.