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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
I always tighten them by hand, but remember seeing those specs somewhere on this board. Did you try searching for that? Anyway, factory torque values are always too high IMO. Besides, those plugs have built-in gaskets, so torquing them more doesn't make a difference. You'll need a 14mm allen socket, by the way.

And remember to always loosen up the fill plug first so you don't disable your car in case you can't remove it (and you already drained the fluid). Good luck.
I saw your thread where you changed your tranny/diff fluid with alternate fluids. I could not find the torque specs in yours or any other thread. I saw on another forum the specs for an e46 m3 diff rated at 60nm for rubber gaskets and 65nm for crush washers. I know we have the green built in rubber gaskets so I thought about going with 60nm but wanted to check here to see if it was different for our cars. I went out and got the 14mm socket recently so I believe ilve got everything I need for it.

Side note: Elp, you give really thorough and good advice. Thanks for all you contribute to this forum.