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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
+1 Helmet is a must! Besides, the fastest way around a track is not drifting! (although fun). Better to work on being smooth and precise with your inputs first. Rotating the back end in a controlled manner will come with time. Duncan has many years of experience. You cant pick that up in a few track days.
I agree! I never said I wouldnt wear a helmet or go solo, not quite ready for that yet

But what does have to do with having a cab or not?

I mean your telling me cabs cant go to Shannonville?

Infact you guys on August 17 went, and most of you weren't wearing helmets either.

So I figure since my friends didnt have to either it was the norm at that track

Jay, you have a picture where your sunroof was open too, sounds like an open air car to me

and the last one with the ragtop as well