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Originally Posted by TLud View Post
Do NOT go through your own insurance or even contact them. When I was with Geico, I contacted my insurance twice about possible claims, neither of which Geico ever had to pay out on (one was covered by other driver's insurer other was uninsured motorist that I paid out of pocket to fix). A year later they raised my rates, even though neither accident was my fault and neither accident cost them anything. Technically, there's no supposed to be able to do that, but practically speaking, they can do whatever they want. Insurance companies are the devil. The more you can keep them in the dark, the better off you are. Just keep calling and harassing the old lady's insurance company and the adjuster once one is assigned.
Wow... Geico sucks then. I've unfortunately been involved in a few incidents and fortunately was not found at fault and I've always contacted my agent first and gone through my insurance. I've not had my rates go up because of an accident that was not my fault.

In my experiences, by going through my insurance, they deal with chasing the other insurance company. But like I said before each insurance company is different and each state has their own laws on it.

And agree, insurance companys are the devil.

If you have a good agent, call them and get their option... you don't have to file anything.