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Originally Posted by mbanck View Post
There haven't been any mule sightings of an M4 GC so far, so I really doubt at least the mid-2021 timeline they are claiming.

I mean, the Touring is doing track testing now, and won't arrive till 2022.
Yep, that's why we can treat the carbuzz story as fan fiction.

The general rule for adding a body style is that if it doesn't happen by the LCI, it won't happen at all. The G81 is testing now for release at G20/G21/G80 LCI time. Could a G86 technically start testing as late as next year for release at G22/G23/G26/G82/G83 LCI time? Yes, but there's not a single hint yet that it will. The G81 snuck up on us though, so a G86 could theoretically do the same. Don't bet on it, but maybe say a few words to car gods if you wish for this M4 Gran Coupe to be more than some auto journo's click-bait.