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Originally Posted by Keto View Post
Throttle response is merely the mapping of the pedal. A true heel-to-toe enthusiast shouldn't have problems pushing the gas pedal harder.
Are you sure about that? Press release says:

"A separate throttle butterfly for each cylinder - eight in this instance - is a feature adapted from BMW M's racing heritage and provides immediate reaction to the gas pedal at all times. Two stepper motors operate the four throttle butterflies on each row of cylinders, giving the engine a particularly sensitive response at low speeds together with an immediate reaction whenever the driver presses down the accelerator for extra power and performance."

Are you sure the different throttle response settings do not have something to do with how the motors are controlled and therefore respond to driver input--meaning there might be more than just a linear mapping in between the two? It is possible that there is a response rate that cannot be achieved no matter how hard you push on the pedal unless the system is in the sport plus setting.

This would be good to know because if you are right, MDrive simply boils down to the M button (as long as you are okay with taking DSC offline), and I'd probably give up the M button in order to avoid the double hump.