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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post

It's a bug and has been fixed. However, if you update your software at this time, keep in mind you'll get the new "safety feature" that won't let you move the car without fastening your seatbelt first (search the forum to see the recent threads about it).
Interesting thread, I had not seen it before. And it verifies I wasn't just going crazy when I observed the random behavior!

You'd think I'd have the latest software, since my car is a '12. I did not notice the inability to shift without the seatbelt situation. I suppose my car's software will get updated to the latest, at the VPC. I'm seat belt 100% of the time, anyways, so not sure if it will bother me.

So what is the correct behavior with the new update? Is it "last mode", or S upon start up?