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Originally Posted by yahh View Post
New ones are still available and recommended as the magnesium chips/pits over time and won't allow the VC to seal properly. If you look inside the groove where the valve cover gasket sits, you can see the pitting and no matter what you do, the gasket won't seal right. We've done close to 30+ VC jobs on S65's and 1 out of 2 needed the covers replaced due to pitting.

Ive refinished about 20 sets so far and if you follow Dean from MPorium using Drie Bond 1209 or similar inside the gasket ridge you have no issues at all. 19&ads_matchtype=&ads_network=g&ads_creative=85218 275839&utm_term=&ads_targetid=aud-1020666087835la-327620319311&utm_campaign=&utm_source=adwords&utm_ medium=ppc&ttv=2&gclid=CjwKCAjwtJ2FBhAuEiwAIKu19nP BMaVaqnOxDlmXcBmZvUGjE1389BOye6vh90LM0eTPY0-FBd6B5xoCekUQAvD_BwE

Yes new ones can be had but roughly $1200 a set and with time you will again face the same thing of it bubbling and flaking as the coating BMW uses sucks at best!

and just for those that are looking IND sells their used covers for $1220 and newly coated ones for $1800. Again this is a good deal if the color is your thing!

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