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Originally Posted by MTROIS View Post
Thanks Ben!!

My e92 is from 2008 so it looks like you have the sensors available now.

I will have to read about the PA3 vs. PA2 to better understand.

A few more questions:
- any other options than the Sport Edition A7s for this set-up? (I guess the OEM 18"do not work.... right?)
- do the BMW center caps fit in the A7s?

Lastly, I also got interested in the "All season" options you described when answering the "marshmallowy" ride question.... I will look into this because I am not planning on driving in deep snow... it is just that I can't use the PS2s in cold weather.
There is no reason you can't use the OEM 18s but a 235 will be too narrow for the rears. The A7s are a great choice for winter duty, IMO.

TR does have caps that fit. I keep forgetting to order them for mine. Ben can hook you up.

If you will never actually drive on snow you can probably get by with all-seasons but you'll have to be much more mindful of ice. FWIW, the only real snow I drive in is on the street in my village (they only plow main roads here) and I still went with Wintersport 3Ds. They're quite good even now and we haven't had our first snowfall yet.