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Originally Posted by flea333 View Post
OK, for all the haters before, the only thread I found was the 2011.75 press release updates.
I can't find the threads detailing the 2012 and 2013 updates. wtf.

You're getting a pretty easy ride here, as far as how much some people get flamed.

Before posting much of anything, you should have been reading this forum (especially this sub-forum) for a few weeks. At the least, you would have seen examples of repetitive dumb questions.

Here is a little advice, take it or leave it:
  • Google isn't the place to start your search about specific M3 information; this forum is the place (you know that already)
  • If you go "in" to this forum professing interest in an M3, and then you start writing about "screw it, I'm going to stick with an abc-model car" then your chances of getting anyone to respond is pretty much dead. You have missed the cardinal rule about life: "Everybody's newborn baby looks good." (whether you believe it or not, you have to say their kid is awesome.)
  • It's a natural tendency to be defensive when someone calls you out for newbie mistakes; if you get to riled-up, you'll again cut down 80% of your potential advice. This is the "don't be an ass" rule, even if one or two people are an ass to you, remember there is a larger audience.
  • Read the forums.
  • [new] If you really care so much about the trim on the center console, then you're going to hate that there's no full-size spare tire.

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