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Originally Posted by jphughan
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I think ya'll have talked me down to a 335xi. I guess I have to be a race car driver to own an M3. But I see a lot of people with M3's for no damn reason. Even driving like shit.
It's true that lots of people have M3s despite never driving in any setting that would allow the car to be used as intended, never mind being skilled enough as drivers to really know how to drive the car. I believe that M3 owners who never take their cars to the track will never truly understand their car or why it's designed the way it was -- and people who only ever take their cars on city streets and freeways (no curvy back roads), well, they're just committing a crime.

A 335 will definitely give you fun, techy, sexy inside and out, and (especially if you get a tune) rollercoaster acceleration on tap. However, I'd recommend against the XI model since it rides higher, weighs more (and is therefore slower), and costs more, and if you're in California there's no need for AWD anyway. There are threads about this, but RWD is the way to go if you want the most sportiness and speed. The XI line pretty much only exists so BMW can sell cars in regions that get snow where RWD becomes trickier than FWD and AWD (though still not impossible).
Speed of 335i vs xi depends on e9x vs f3x.

In a straight line, the xi is purported to be faster. BMW claims 0-60 of 4.8 for 335xi vs. 5.1 for 335i, even with the added weight.

The weight distribution is better on the f30 335i vs. xi. Not sure which would be faster outside of a straight line.