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Originally Posted by aaranzabal View Post
I say it depends on the kid. I'm 18 with an 08 E92 M3 so maybe my view is skewed. I got a Honda CR-V as my first car when I was 16, 2010 Camaro SS when I was 17, and M3 when I turned 18. Maybe give your daughter a beater car for her first year of driving (keep the M3) and then give her the M3 a year later?

My advice is probably not that great since everyone votes "no" so far. I'm just trying to point out that not every teen with a fast car will be wreckless (yes, I agree the majority will be). Plus you have a daughter and not a son, maybe that will help? haha
YES I agree. It really depends on the kid. I for one arnt too keen on speeding whenever I get the chance too. But some fuckers out there can quickly total their car in a matter of seconds. You just gotta figure out what kind of kid you got there and if you know they dont speed and such, you just gotta trust them.