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Originally Posted by CardSurge View Post
Was on call this weekend and, as usual, I park in the hospital garage at night...on the roof, in the most far away spot. There is usually only one other car with my neurotic tendencies that parks near me, and on weekends it is usually even more sparse. Unfortunately, for this reason, the garage is also open to the public (visitors, patients, etc) on weekends and off-hours.
So...I walk out to my car this morning to find that someone has taken their bloody and pus-soaked wound bandage (looked like abscess packing) and stuck it on my bumper with silk tape. For those not in the business, silk is extremely sticky and gets even more difficult to remove once it heats.
Fortunately it was cool last night and I caught I before it really adhered. I think I should be good after some goo gone, but nonetheless it was pretty disgusting (and I've had to stick my hands in and smell some gross shit throughout the years).

Pretty unbelievable that someone went to such lengths to do this (they literally had to walk to the farthest possible spot). No doubt it was done by someone who has no idea the amount of work and sacrifice it took to own this car and keep it in this condition. Glad I get to stay up all night to help these folks. Maybe later in life this person will need a chest tube or something and there will be a convenient shortage of lidocaine.

Anyway, now off to wash my car with chlorhexidine (kidding)...
What a fawking a$$hole the person who did this!! And ungrateful too. I fell your pain...

Please keep the clearcoat away from betadine... At least the CloraPrep is clear.
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