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Just test drove a champ white '06 S2000. Priced 19,000 with 55,000 miles.

Kinda disappointed.

Loved the shifter. Insane gate.
Hit a few twisties. Inspired confidence. Felt precise and controlled. Very little roll.
It's a nice drive. Felt compliant, but capable over bumps.

Now the disappointment:
Maybe I am not used to NA motors anymore, but I thought the pull would build more into 5k rpm than it did. Normal???
Sounded really strained like I shouldn't be revving that high. Normal???
If that is normal I can adapt.

The worst:
I am only 5'11". Cockpit was nice and compact. However the driver position was way off and NONADJUSTABLE. Felt like I was looking down like driving a truck and not looking up and out.
I couldn't lower the seat and there is NO telescopic wheel?????? WTF. This was a $35G car new. No telescopic wheel?
Felt like I had to drive with my hands in my lap. Shuffle steering is one thing, but bumping into my thighs on quick chicanes is another.

Maybe it's my style of driving. I sit low to the ground and have the wheel high and close to me. Felt like my arms were straight out like the old style F1 drivers from the 60's.

Not dogging you guys that own them, b/c this was the only car I was looking to get for a "fun" car. Still love the car, just doesn't feel right.

Anyone else test drive one and feel this way?
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