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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Maybe a bit above 'average', but not great for sure. However, that's EXACTLY how I feel about Schumy on his winning days, when Ferrari was light years ahead of the competition. Now he's showing what kind of driver he really is; he should have stayed retired . Can't even outdrive his young teammate on the same car now ; must be embarrassing.

Anyway, with all the crap going on, the championship is still pretty much for grabs. Vettel is one of the best drivers out there, but needs some polishing. His advance from dead last by minutes to 7th on the previous race was mighty impressive. This second half of the championship will be interesting.
I sympathize with a large part of what you are saying. But I also think part of the reason the car was so great is because MSC is able to give good, detailed feedback.

I'm willing to give him at least another year though to see if he can prove himself again. Because thats what I think his return is really all about. He wants to make a return, win another World Championship and try to solidify that he is the best there ever was. If not only on paper.

And if he is able, I sure as hell would like to see it first hand.