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I too felt your sentiments and was about to pull the trigger on the c63, it has the elegance and the power that is superior to the others in the same class. The reason it went the e92 way are the ff:

1. 4/50 mile warranty/service maintenance favored the M3

2. $1300 gas guzzler tax for the BM vs $2600 for the AMG

3. The fun factor is on M3 side. M3 overall is a full package car since, the AMG has the power but not handling. Merc doesnt come in 6MT

4. I've research AMG pass resale and its not very promising, do you homework at Autotrader for a 2 yr old car. BMW age well, I look at older MB I cant tell much about them. I look at any BMW I can relate to them.

5. Merc is more expensive to maintain after warranty expire hereby explains the worst resale vs BMW

6. BMW has more after-markets and never boring to fix up after having it awhile. The BMW clubs and forums are more dynamic and fun, and more DIYs

7. The M3 is easier to sell since its name is more sought after within the wider range of demographics. Better depreciation than the other.

8. Dont feel good after paying for a $67k car, I still have to fork for service every 10k at $4-500 a pop, we're not even talking brake jobs within the first 50k miles.

9. AMG c63 has a little worse gas mileage than the M3, I'll pick the lesser of the two evils

but I still think of the c63 AMG at times, but not as much as before. Im very much pleased with the M3 after I review these things I brought up. Its what I've owned and very familiar with an M. Why change when you are on the winning side.

Finally the M3 e92 looks much sharper and has alot better presence than the other

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