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Originally Posted by Carolyn0944 View Post
He may be kind of all gods (little g) but not King or God of mankind...

Time frames in the Bible are not the same time frames of our earthly time; time meant nothing to God in numbers of years...therefore, our 1000 yrs is not God's thousand yrs persay....

There is nothing in the biblical story of Noah that says he was on a "sea," rainwater filled the area where he was for 40 days; do you not think than if omnipotent God wanted that boat to float, it would, against all odds put before man; did He not make the lame to walk, the blind to see, the dead to rise again? This feat of floating a boat would hv been easy for Him, as long as Noah had the faith to do exactly what He told him to. We cannot answer the question of exactly how many animals or insects were upon that boat.
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