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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
You base what you like on other people? Funny thing is, clarkson loves Porsches when he drives them. Then again, he doesnt like BMWs either so I guess you shouldnt drive one of them either.
You dont have to like Porsches or own one but that doesnt take anything away from the fact that they are the best driver's car in the world...always have been, always will be.
C&D is pure garbage, period. Same with R&T and MT.

Have you driven a GT3 RS or 458 italia? And im not talking about a little 2 min drive around the block. Im talking about hours and hours behind the wheel.
No I have not had hours behind the wheel.. But Clarkson has driven a lot of cars and I trust his opinion. Also every-time he has tested the M3 he has loved it. When he tested the Porsche with the LP Gallardo he liked the Gallardo better..

"Speed never killed anyone its very important to get that straight, Speed has never killed a soul. Suddenly becoming stationary thats what gets people." - Jeremy Clarkson