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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Cutout diameter of the SWS-10 is 224mm, the Morel 9 is 192mm.

That Elate 9 is being used as midbass not only because there is a dedicated sub in the trunk, but if you check its specs its resonant frequency (Fs) is 40Hz, which in effect make it not that great for sub use anyways. There is no Fs stated in the SWS-10, but I think that they stated its Fs as Fo by mistake (28Hz); that will compare with the Elate 10 Fs at 32Hz.

I will start by doing some simulations between the SWS-8 and the SWS-10 and see what max volume I can use under the seat for the best response.
You're right. I was looking at the SWS-8 specs by mistake.
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